Dentist whistle-blower

Michael Y Zuk DDS- General Dentist

Publishes Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist -2010

2011 - Alberta dental authority insists on a publication ban, sues dentist-author for $9,000,000 and initiates disciplinary proceedings (the lawyer investigating is also suing the dentist|). The dentist participates in an undercover investigation in dentist treatment planning and is featured on CBC Marketplace - Money Where Your Mouth Is- 

Appeal to Supreme Court

The dentist attempts to fight for freedom of speech and is denied.

Deeper Investigation uncovers dental authority conflicts of interest

The dentist is currently petitioning the Alberta Health Minister to perform an outside review of the dental authority. Lobbies various dental authorities to consider dropping certain seminars from 'approved' lists and encourages victims to tell their stories to help prevent others from suffering the same fate. 

Overview of Dental whistle-blowing- 'My lips are sore'

Sent to the Alberta Health Minister

 Censorship of Health Risks 


The Chinese health authorities disciplined the physician who spoke out about the coronavirus- later reversing their position after he passed away from the illness. The public deserves to know the truth and cover-ups should not be tolerated. Many would be shocked to know Alberta's own health authorities sweep their failures under the carpet and use their positions to hide gross incompetence. Medicine and dentistry has been caught flat-footed by this contagion but consider some of the censorship of some local threats. 

In the early 90's Blackfalds' community water supply contained what is now about 10 TIMES the recommended fluoride. Fluoride was not added but due to the natural source. All local dentists noted children with brown discoloration and chalky permanent teeth that often crumbled shortly after eruption. The health authorities went door to door to tell parents to use bottled water- yet the school used the town water in their fountains. It took some warnings of a Class Action risk to wake the authorities up to the need to change their water source which is now safe. My activism was censored by the Alberta dental authority in my bio after being elected to council in 2013 - the editorial board revised 'fluoride' to 'a chemical'. (See attached copy with a dentist's comments guessing what it was)

I have since warned the public with a book about gross over-treatment of dental patients linked to corrupt approaches taught by educational seminars. The ADA&C asked me to pull my book from publication and continue to try to discipline me for speaking out. The authority published their own internal memo warning (see 'I Have Had Enough' attached) of the same problem, but do not want the public to know they failed to protect the public from the problem that has now twisted into fraudulent $60,000 'cures' for headaches and TMJ problems. 

A concern about Albertans being flown to Las Vegas by their local dentist for 'drilling lessons' was based on the fact that liability insurance clauses would not cover the dentist outside of Alberta. No response. A patient (Cheryl M-see photo of email and full text below) with complications following this experience filed a complaint to the ADA&C and had it dismissed- likely to avoid opening a can of worms that would embarrass an Alberta dental lab owner that advertised these training camps in the ADA&C newsletter and profited from each and every unnecessary crown/veneer that attending dentists ordered. Albertans continue to be over-drilled by dentists inspired by this Las Vegas-based program- at least one victim's complaint is actively being investigated by the ADA&C. Ontario has now banned their 'neuromuscular' approach and even the advertising of the term- yet Alberta's dental 'Word Police' have carefully avoided calling out this group's buzz word. 

My warning (attached fax) to the previous Health Minister regarding questionable protocols in the dental sedation of children predated the Amber Athwal tragedy in Edmonton by about six months. The Alberta dental authority resisted changes for several months following the incident which lead to permanent brain damage- hiring a former ADA&C president to lead the jury in the dentist's discipline. The official report hides the fact that many other children were put at risk by the questionable response and lack of qualifications of the initial investigators. Hon. Minister Shandro is distracted and does not yet see the need to audit the official report that does not spend any time considering the questionable steps of the authority itself and the prior knowledge the recovery nurse lacked quotations.

An article ("Have Orthodontists..." -attached) concerning the negative effects of orthodontist vs general dentist turf wars and the inaction of the authority was turned against me as an advertising violation. For over 15 years I have argued for the importance of reducing orthodontic treatment time as a method to reduce complications- and while the authority grants educational credits for seminars on the subject -the most recent development being the use of ultrasound- almost 25 Alberta dental professionals (mostly orthodontists- see 'Fast orthodontist' discipline attached) and one general dentist (myself) have been sanctioned for advertising this area. Apparently the dental authority lawyers need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on this is justified- I argue it is bullying and censorship. 

A warning about a heavily promoted root canal product (see RESILON Warning- attached) that was showing signs of premature failure sent directly to the Executive Director of the ADA&C did not get any attention. Alberta dentists continued to use it not knowing it would later put the patients at risk of losing the tooth and the expensive crowns/bridges built over it. The product was quietly removed from the market. 
The quirky approach to dental health censorship reached a peak a few years ago when the ADA&C banned the use of 'before and after' photos of teeth and made 'free consultations' a crime. These silly rules were later reversed but it demonstrates a dangerous patter of control. Finally the strategic use of defamation lawsuits and lack of whistle-blower protection adds to the proof that this province's dental health authority puts protection of its own image above the protection of the public. If your dentist can't tell you the truth without fearing retribution how can you trust the profession?

Michael Y Zuk DDS

General dentist- Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Link to dropbox files- supporting material-
Email from victim of 'fly-in learning dentistry' 

Cheryl M- a former dental assistant (photo in evidence cuts off full text):

To Whom it May Concern,

In the early 2000's I went to LVI Institute of Technology in Las Vegas as a participant and a patient for a course in cosmetic dentistry. I had cosmetic dentistry done involving 10 maxillary teeth. I had 10 virgin teeth but my cuspids were blocked out. This is where my nightmare began. I was expecting minimal tooth removal but the tooth removal was aggressive and when the veneers/crowns were cemented they did not fit at all. I was told warped impressions... These veneers were cemented knowing they had to come off again when we got back to Alberta.

The veneers were removed and more tooth structure was removed as well. Ten more veneers/crowns were cemented.. I was shocked when I saw what little tooth structure I had left. The porcelain on one cuspid fractured right away and a central chipped within a short time. As a result of all this work, a root canal was also done. At this point I had had more than enough. This ordeal had cost me a lot of sleep and grief and discomfort.

I am still dealing with consequences 15 years later. Due to ill-fitting margins, I have experienced periodontal issues.

In hindsight, I wish I had explored the orthodontic route. In my opinion, cosmetic dentistry was being pushed pretty hard and I was caught up in it. I am still dealing with having to replace these crowns/veneers a 3rd time.

I told Dr Zuk my story and he sympathized with me as he could see what my experience had cost me, both mentally and physically.

At the time, I contacted the Alberta Dental Association and was referred to a couple of dentists for a second opinion. The treatment was judged to be acceptable-open margins, chips, RCT and all.

In my opinion, I was not totally informed of all the negative consequences of aggressive cosmetic dentistry. In fact, I was not expecting aggressive cosmetic dentistry to happen in the first place. I have only stubs left of 10 virgin teeth.

Cheryl M