Dentist whistle-blower

Michael Y Zuk DDS- General Dentist

Publishes Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist -2010

2011 - Alberta dental authority insists on a publication ban, sues dentist-author for $9,000,000 and initiates disciplinary proceedings (the lawyer investigating is also suing the dentist|). The dentist participates in an undercover investigation in dentist treatment planning and is featured on CBC Marketplace - Money Where Your Mouth Is- 

Appeal to Supreme Court

The dentist attempts to fight for freedom of speech and is denied.

Deeper Investigation uncovers dental authority conflicts of interest

The dentist is currently petitioning the Alberta Health Minister to perform an outside review of the dental authority. Lobbies various dental authorities to consider dropping certain seminars from 'approved' lists and encourages victims to tell their stories to help prevent others from suffering the same fate.