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"I Have Had Enough" -

"Daughter's Test" (over-treatment)-'Daughter_Test'_in_aesthetic_or_cosmetic_dentistry/links/00b4952aeb984e4332000000/The-Daughter-Test-in-aesthetic-or-cosmetic-dentistry.pdf 

"Full mouth of crowns should not be a treatment for TMJ problems" -

"Neuromuscular dentist victims speaks out" (Nevada) - 

"Specialist warns new dentists to AVOID this seminar series to reduce malpractice risk" -

"Victim of neuromuscular dentistry speaks out after dentist splits town" -

"Victim of NM dentistry discusses how dentists pose as patients on internet forums to push people into their scam"


"Medical Errors Podcast - Interview with Dr. Michael Zuk regarding Over-treatment related to questionable protocols" - 

CBC Marketplace - Money Where Your Mouth Is (Dr. Zuk discusses gross over-treatment incorrectly suggested for a teenager- the public is NOT protected by the current system) - 

Dr. Zuk warns the Health Authority prior to sedation tragedy in Edmonton - 

Dental Specialist names a training program associated with malpractice lawsuits - additional information added to original video -