Why was this dentist's book banned?

Alberta Dental Authorities want to 'preserve the integrity' of the profession...this means hiding the truth.

Tens of thousands of unsuspecting dental patients have been over-drilled by dentists warped by corrupt seminars-often pocketing $60,000 per patient.  The American Dental Association profits from certifying education programs that are known to be associated with malpractice. Regional dental boards accept the seminars for dentist continuing education based on the ADA CERP status and dentists are taught protocols that some experts suggest are 'baloney' and no better than a placebo. Actually the proper term could be called 'butchery' and it is surprising it is not considered physical assault and fraud. Listening to these particular dentists can lead to premature tooth loss. This is NOT an exaggeration. 

Patients are fooled

All the fancy credentials, the celebrity patients, the online reviews and even the association with dental schools can be used to gain the confidence of the next victim. These dentists can take advantage of people in their weakest moments and then split town and mail you a box of porcelain teeth as your dental credit card starts calling for payments on 'treatment' that may have been completely unnecessary. 

It is time for Change

 The public would be shocked to learn that many of the people responsible for this gross abuse of trust have spent years building layers of protection around them. They have self-awarded themselves, threatened many with lawsuits and used their positions to profit from their charade. This problem runs from the dentist down the street to the highest levels of national and state/provincial dental authorities. 


Dental authority censors book exposing risky treatment

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